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EVRAZ NTMK has started operation of a new hot stove system
On 28th February, 2018 operation of the hot stove unit constructed under the project developed by KALUGIN JSC has been started at blast furnace no.7 at EVRAZ NTMK in Nizhny Tagil.
Under the contract with EVRAZ NTMK KALUGIN’s experts developed the basic design and detail documentation for KSS unit consisting of three hot blast stoves, and throughout the whole construction period they rendered supervision and advisory services to NTMK’s metallurgists when performing commissioning.
It should be reminded that in 2004 and 2006 two stove units of Kalugin design (KSS) were already constructed at Blast Furnaces No.6 and No.5. The third stove unit was completed and commissioned in February, 2018. This project designed by KALUGIN JSC was different from those implemented earlier because more advanced checker bricks with 20 mm channel diameter were used. This engineering solution enabled to reduce dimensions of the new stoves, to significantly reduce quantity of refractory bricks, which led to a decrease in the final cost of the stove unit. It should also be noted that according to the customer’s technical specification the blast temperature in the hot blast stoves of the third stove unit will be 50°C higher than in the earlier constructed stoves and it will be 1300°C. Upon completion of the final tests of the hot blast stoves and commissioning of Blast Furnace No.7 metallurgists will be able to start commercial operation of the KSS unit.