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Major events in 2017

Metal Supply and Sales Magazine, no.11 dd. November, 2017
Russian technologies for blast-furnace men from all over the world  
The engineering company KALUGIN is closing the year 2017 with new industrial achievements. In August the company’s experts put into operation a Kalugin hot blast stove (no.23-bis) constructed at Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MMK). In the first third of September we started constructing the second hot blast stove at the Iron and Steel Works in Japan. The new KSS was commissioned in Czech Republic on the 3rd of October. A hot stove system in China and a hot blast stove in Japan are being constructed under the company’s projects. Currently KALUGIN received orders for more than 40 projects for construction of hot blast stoves and waste heat recovery systems.  We are talking about major results and near future work plans with Marina Kalugina, General Director of KALUGIN JSC.
KALUGIN JSC has always paid close attention to cooperation with Russian iron and steel companies which were the first in the world who evaluated advantages of Kalugin shaftless stoves (KSS) and waste heat recovery systems. At present mutually beneficial cooperation which began many years ago develops intensively.  This year at Nizhny Tagil Iron and Steel Works EVRAZ NTMK at the new blast furnace no.7 construction of KSS system is being completed under our project. Earlier in 2004 and 2006 two KSS systems were built there. The end of construction of the third stove system and its commissioning will be in January, 2018. The difference of this project from the projects implemented earlier is that innovative bricks with 20 mm channel diameter were used while constructing the checkerwork. Such solution allowed reducing dimensions of the hot blast stoves as well as metal consumption which means reduction of cost for the stove proper.  In addition, thanks to a number of improvements at this KSS the hot blast temperature will be 50C higher, and it will be 1300С. Such parameter will provide better energy efficiency of the stove and it will allow blast furnace men to decrease coke rate in each melting in future.
Another important project of this year was commissioning of the new stove no.23-bis at Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MMK) at blast-furnace complex No.7. In the course of its development a new infrastructure of the blast-furnace complex was created which would enable in future to construct two new stoves in the place of the old ones no.24 and no.25. It should be noted that MMK held tender and we competed with leading engineering companies of Western Europe, Japan and China on equal ground. As a result, we became a successful tenderer and once again we proved that technologies of our company were more effective than what our foreign colleagues suggested.   
A very interesting and challenging project of this year for us became construction completion and commissioning of the first KSS in Europe in early October. The hot blast stove was constructed in Třinec Iron and Steel Works, Czech Republic. For 17 years in the market the company has implemented over 210 projects in such countries as Russia, China, India, Ukraine, Japan, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Turkey, Brazil. And this year we have successfully completed our first project in EU.  Before the beginning of stove construction an official ceremony was held at the plant where all the participants threw cement mortar to the foundation of the future hot stove commemorating this big day. This day was important for us not least because such projects provide the basis for further advancement of Russian technologies in metallurgy to the European market. And I am sincerely happy that the guide for this process was Czech Republic, metallurgists who by their choice determined innovative, highly efficient way of development of blast-furnace production of their iron and steel works and cleared the way for our company to the European market.  In today’s Europe such operation parameters of blast-furnace production as energy efficiency, ecological compatibility are of great importance and now European metallurgists can visit this plant and make sure that our technologies surpass stoves’ сcapabilities of last generation. 
High demand for KALUGIN’s technologies on the part of world’s giants in steelmaking industry is caused   by the fact that Kalugin shaftless stoves (KSS) have unique technical, environmental, and economic features, the highest in the world energy efficiency and reliability. So far, only these stoves can provide blast heating up to 1400C that is 100C higher than the blast temperature which can be provided by stove design of other producers.
Furthermore, in 2017 our company started constructing a new hot stove system at Shougang-Jingtang Iron and Steel Works in China. This is already our third similar project with this Chinese partner.  KSS is designed for the blast operation temperature of 1300C. Specific nature of this project is that according to the customer’s requirements all equipment (pipelines, valves and control system) should be only Chinese-made. In the first third of September we started construction of the second hot blast stove at the iron and steel works in Japan.  We plan to build it for 6 months and to put it into operation in March,   2018. We also plan to start constructing the third KSS with our Japanese partner in 2019. Consequently, our company makes the work of blast-furnace men in different countries and in different continents more productive, interesting and technological.