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Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works is commissioning Kalugin Shaftless Stove
KALUGIN’s engineers have finished one more stage of commissioning works at Kalugin Shaftless Stove (KSS No.23-bis) constructed for 1370 m3 Blast Furnace No.7 of Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK). After completion of all required cold tests, drying and heating of the new KSS No.23-bis was started.
It is to be recalled that in 1998 one stove unit consisting of four Kalugin Shaftless Stoves has already been put in operation at MMK’s Blast Furnace No.1. These stoves without conventional combustion chamber had a top combustion design and were designed by Dr. Yakov Kalugin when he worked in All-Union Scientific-Research Institute of Metallurgical Heat Engineering (VNIIMT). MMK became the first iron and steel works where the world’s most energy-efficient technology was implemented. Cooperation between MMK and KALUGIN JSC started in 2012 when MMK decided to reconstruct stove units at Blast Furnaces No.1, No.7 and No.10. By that time Dr. Kalugin had already founded KALUGIN engineering company which constructed over 150 Kalugin Shaftless Stoves for iron and steel works in Russia, China, India and Ukraine.  
In order to select a contractor, MMK held a tender for performance of stove reconstruction at Blast Furnaces No.7 and No.10 in which KALUGIN JSC participated along with engineering companies from Western Europe, Japan and China. Eventually, MMK awarded the contract to KALUGIN JSC. Under this contract KALUGIN’s engineers developed design engineering documentation for construction of KSS No.23-bis, provided supplies of special equipment and materials, performed supervision for erection and commissioning, arranged training for MMK’s operators on Kalugin stove operation. Construction of the stove and supplies of necessary steel structures as well as other standard materials and equipment including lifting and power-generating equipment were provided by MMK. Design engineering of utility and building infrastructure, development of new energy networks was performed by Magnitogorsk Gipromez.
According to Ms. Marina Kalugina, KALUGIN’s General Director, “the new KSS No.23-bis had to be constructed next to the existing stove unit. Moreover, all reconstruction works were to be performed without interruption of blast furnace operation. KALUGIN’s engineers successfully accomplished this difficult task. All the works were finished in due time. The first stove in the unit has been constructed and the new infrastructure of the blast furnace plant has been developed, which will enable to construct two new KSS instead of old Stoves No.24 and No.25 and connect them to the blast furnace plant”.