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Cooperation with Chinese company JINAN Iron& Stell is successfully in progress

Kalugin JSC experts carried their final measuring of CO and NOx in waste gases at Blast Furnaces  No.2  and No.4 of JINAN Iron& Steel Co., Ltd, ( Jinan, PRC). The works were carried out within the framework of Supervision Contract for construction and commissioning of two hot stove systems. The final measuring results, which were achieved, fully correspond to technical and ecological parameters of blast furnaces operation at this iron and steel plant.   
We remind you that the KSS system consisting of three shaftless hot stoves of  Kalugin type at 1750m3 Blast Furnace No.2  was commissioned by Kalugin JSC experts on 01.04.2005. The KSS system consisting of three shaftless hot stoves of Kalugin type at 3200 ΠΌ3 Blast Furnace No.4 was commissioned on 06.06.2010.  
According to Ms. Marina Kalugina, Chief Executive Officer of Kalugin JSC,  at the  Iron & Steel Plant in China Kalugin JSC carried out basic engineering works for two KSS systems, provided their detailed engineering and commissioning services for hot stoves.  “Having completed our supervision, we heard positive opinions from Chinese blast furnace experts about the operation of the whole system of Kalugin hot stoves . During hot stoves operation there was no failure and faults with them. All KSS systems are in operation in accordance with guarantee project values”, pointed out Ms. Kalugina.