To high temperatures - with us!

KALUGIN JSC took part in the Fifth International Industrial Forum “Reconstruction of Industrial Plants – Breakthrough Technologi

KALUGIN JSC took part in the Fifth International Industrial Forum “Reconstruction of Industrial Plants – Breakthrough Technologies in Metallurgy and Machine-Building Industry” (Chelyabinsk, Russia). 

At the Forum there was held the International Research and Practice Conference “Innovative Technologies and Equipment for Blast Furnace, Sintering and Coke Production”. At the Conference the company was represented by Boris Prokofiev, Master of Engineering Sciences and KALUGIN’s Chief Engineer, who presented his paper “Evolution of the Hot-Blast Stove Design”. So, speaking about technologies which are being successfully implemented by the company at the world iron and steel market, he noted that increase in the blast temperature is one of the most important ways to increase economic efficiency of blast-furnace production. “The hot stoves with internal and external combustion chambers constructed in the previous years have become morally and physically obsolete and do not allow the blast-furnace production to be efficient. The alternative to the outdated technologies is a shaftless hot stove of Kalugin design or Kalugin Shaftless Stove (KSS), which easily performs the assigned tasks and makes it possible to heat the blast up to 1300-1400°C with the use of ordinary refractory materials (silica, mullite-corundum and alumina)”, Boris Prokofiev said. In his presentation he described in detail the possibility of KSS application at the reconstruction of the existing stoves for the purpose of increasing the blast heating temperature, which makes it possible to save on capital expenditures. Moreover, the subject of waste heat recovery in KSS systems was discussed. Today the company uses two systems of heat exchangers: heat pipe heat exchangers and tube recuperators. The KSS heating system makes it possible to use gas and combustion air pre-heated up to 600°C. Boris Prokofiev announced, “As of today KALUGIN JSC has constructed 158 hot stoves; 52 stoves are being designed and constructed. The hot stoves of the shaftless design are widely used at blast furnaces from 250 m3 to 5500 m3 in various countries: Russia, China, Ukraine, India, Japan.”