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Severstal Project expressed gratitude to KALUGIN’s experts for professionalism and efficient cooperation

The team of Severstal Project (Severstal’s General Designer) expressed gratitude to KALUGIN’s experts for performed design engineering, supervision during construction and commissioning of Blast Furnace No. 3 with Hot Stoves at Cherepovets Iron and Steel Works.
Severstal Project’s engineers have noted in their letter that ‘The furnace was blown in and now it is in operation due to our joint efforts. Thank you for your work. We sincerely wish you success in all your new projects and hope for further cooperation’.
It should be reminded that operation of the Stove Unit consisting of four Kalugin Top Combustion Stoves at Blast Furnace No. 3 of Cherepovets Iron and Steel Works (Severstal) was put into operation on 4th July 2020. 
Under the contract with Severstal Project, KALUGIN’s engineers have developed Basic and Detail Design Engineering for the Stove Unit consisting of four Kalugin Stoves as well as Waste Heat Recovery System based on Blast-Furnace Gas Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger.
The new stoves operate efficiently providing the hot blast temperature of 1300 °С. The height of each stove is about 40 meters and the weight is approximately 500 tons. 
It is important to note that during execution of this project KALUGIN’s engineers have implemented an innovative system for stove control which allows staggered parallel operation of four stoves with transfer of hot blast enriched with oxygen. 
This operating mode ensures the most favorable conditions for blast furnace operation, reduces thermal load on critical units and parts of the stoves and increases their service life. Moreover, the hot blast transfer system reduces blast loss and increases efficiency of hot metal production. 
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Cherepovets Iron and Steel Plant (Severstal) is one of the world’s largest integrated iron and steel works. Among Severstal’s customers there are more than 40,000 Russian and foreign companies operating in the main industries including construction, car industry, fuel and energy industry, machine building, ship building, etc.