To high temperatures - with us!

START! New Kalugin Stove Unit has been commissioned at Cherepovets Iron and Steel Works (Severstal)

On 4th July 2020 the initial stage of stove operation, i.e. drying and heating of Kalugin Shaftless Stoves (KSS) at Blast Furnace No. 3 of Cherepovets Iron and Steel Works (Severstal) has been started. The project for stove designing and implementation in the Blast Furnace Plant was performed by KALUGIN’s engineers. The new stove unit has been designed for the operating hot blast temperature of 1300 °С and the dome temperature in the staggered parallel operation of 1400 °C. The height of the stoves is almost 40 meters and the weight of each stove is about 500 tons. The stoves will be put into commercial operation after completion of performance testing and achievement of the guaranteed performance parameters in the second half of the 3rd quarter 2020.
It should be reminded that under the contract with Severstal-Proekt KALUGIN’s engineers have developed Basic Design and Detail Design Documentation for Stove Unit consisting of four Kalugin Stoves as well as for Waste Heat Recovery System consisting of BF Gas Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger. 
According to Ms. Marina Kalugina, KALUGIN’s General Director, our engineers implement advanced technologies in the course of each project execution. This stove unit is equipped with a stove control system which allows staggered parallel stove operation and provides transfer of blast from one stove to another. “The staggered parallel mode of operation provides more favorable conditions for blast furnace operation, reduces thermal load on critical areas and units of the stoves, increases their service life while the blast transfer system reduces losses of blast and enhances efficiency of melting”, stated Ms. Kalugina.