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START! Kalugin Stoves have been commissioned in EVRAZ NTMK

On 18th July 2020 the project for modernization of Blast Furnace No. 6 was completed, the modernized Blast Furnace No. 6 was commissioned and new Kalugin Stoves (KSS) designed by Kalugin Company were put into trial operation.  
The project for modernization of this Blast Furnace Plant lasted for 16 months. The blast furnace which was in operation since 2004 was shut down for major repair and modernization along with hot stoves in 2018.  
Under the contract with EVRAZ NTMK, KALUGIN’s engineers developed Detail Design documentation for a new Stove Unit consisting of three Kalugin Stoves and Waste Heat Recovery System. This system not only provides pre-heating of fuel gas used in the stoves but also provides significant savings on fuel resources. 
For stove modernization, new refractory materials have been used in the stove pre-chamber and in the hot blast main, which will enable to operate the stoves with the steady operating hot blast temperature of 1300 °C.
During the entire period of Blast Furnace modernization, KALUGIN’s engineers provided supervision over construction and consulted the operation team in the course of stove adjustment and commissioning.
“Start of the modernized Blast Furnace No. 6 is a significant event not only for the steel company but also for the whole town of Nizhny Tagil as the main focus during project implementation was made on environmental performance with the use of advanced and well-established technologies”, pointed out Mr. Denis Novozhenov, EVRAZ’s Vice President and Ural Division Senior Officer.
Ms. Marina Kalugina, KALUGIN’s General Director, noted that after completion of trial operation the company’s engineers will perform control measurements of harmful emissions into the atmosphere from the stoves to confirm the design parameters of stove operation. “At present, our company’s technologies and engineering solutions allow blast-furnace operators to achieve the highest hot blast temperatures and the highest energy efficiency of blast furnace operation as well as to provide the best environmental parameters of blast-furnace production”, announced Ms. Kalugina.