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KALUGIN Company has celebrated the 20th anniversary of its activities

On the 22nd of February the celebration of the 20th anniversary from the start of KALUGIN’s operating activities was carried out in Ekaterinburg, Russia. From the date of its establishment, the company has become a proven world’s leader in design engineering and construction of hot blast stoves of new generation. 
The celebration was attended by Russian and foreign partners. Congratulations on KALUGIN’s anniversary were received from EVRAZ NTMK, Borovitchi Refractories Plant, Pervouralsk Silica Plant, Satka Iron Smelting Plant, Severstal and Severstal Project, SIbPSK, Sibirsky Promstroyproject (Russia), Trinec Iron and Steel Works, BKB Metal (Czech Republic), DOMINION Deutschland GmbH (Germany) as well as representatives of the UrFU’s Thermal Physics and Computer Science in Metallurgy in Science Department, the president of the regional Ural Branch of the Academy of Engineering Sciences named after A.M. Prokhorov and others. 
Rapid and successful development of the company’s engineering potential was provided by Dr. Yakov Kalugin, the company’s founder and first General Director, outstanding engineer and inventor of the new design of the hot blast stove with top-fired burner. After his death in 2012 the company was headed by his daughter Marina Kalugina. 
In the year of 2000 the company entered the international market of blast-furnace equipment by proposing the world’s most efficient stove of new generation to the consumers. Nowadays this stove design is well-known worldwide as Kalugin Shaftless Stove (KSS). It is characterized by its ability to provide the hot blast temperature of 1350 °C, which is approximately by 100-150 °C higher than the temperature provided by other stove designs. In addition, KSS construction requires small capital expenditures, it is reliable in operation, environmentally friendly and economically efficient. All this is provided by a unique design of the stove and location of the burner at the top of the stove dome. The advanced engineering of the stove allows reducing significantly coke consumption and harmful emissions, increase productivity of blast furnace operation and of the entire metallurgical production plant.
For 20 years of operation, KALUGIN Company has designed, constructed and commissioned almost 250 Kalugin Stoves that are in operation at iron and steel works in Russia, China, India, Ukraine, Japan, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Turkey, Brazil, Syria, and Czech Republic. In the coming years about 40 stoves will be put in operation. 
Today 30 % of Russian iron and 9 % of global iron is produced with the help of KSS – it is the company’s outstanding achievement and contribution in modernization and development of the world’s iron and steel industry.
A team of highly qualified specialists was formed in KALUGIN Company. KALUGIN’s engineering school continues to develop the project of its talented teacher. KSS development and construction has become the lifetime project for KALUGIN’s team as it was for Dr. Yakov Kalugin. Due to this, the company has gained the highest professional reputation, which allows it to compete and overcome other global companies providing engineering services. 
According to Ms. Marina Kalugina, KALUGIN’s General Director, there were no unsolvable engineering challenges ever for the company’s engineers during development of new KSS construction projects. “Our engineers have always performed all the design assignments at the highest level. Due to their efforts in improvement of technical and environmental stove performance, we develop projects that will be claimed by iron and steel operators worldwide in 5, 10 and even 20 years”, announced Ms. Kalugina.