To high temperatures - with us!

START! A new hot stove designed by KALUGIN Company has been put into operation at MMK

In May 2019, new Top Combustion (Shaftless) Stove of Kalugin design (KSS) No. 35 was commissioned at Blast Furnace No.10 of 2014 m3 capacity of Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MMK) after completion of all necessary cold and hot testing.
Construction and commissioning of this stove is the second project implemented by KALUGIN company for MMK and the third project if we consider the fact that a stove unit designed by Dr. Yakov Kalugin, the author of this innovative technology, was constructed at Blast Furnace No.1 of MMK in 1998. 
According to Ms. Marina Kalugina, General Director of KALUGIN Company, all the works for reconstruction of Blast Furnace No.10 were carried out on the basis of fundamental developments by the company’s engineers: the lower part of the existing stove shell, existing underground flue duct, existing cold blast pipeline and bypass pipeline with all valves were reused, new straight hot blast main and combustion air supply station were constructed, partial designing of utilities was performed. KALUGIN’s engineers provided supervision services at all stages of works performance. ‘Construction of Stove No.35 was performed in accordance with the highest technical requirements. KALUGIN Company is ready to participate in further modernization of MMK’s blast furnaces and provide MMK’s metallurgists with the most efficient technologies’, noted Ms. Kalugina.