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KALUGIN’s technologies have been used for construction of new Blast Furnace No.7 of EVRAZ NTMK

At the end of June 2018 KALUGIN’s engineers have made check measurements of harmful emissions into the atmosphere at new Kalugin Stoves (KSS) in the working conditions of EVRAZ NTMK’s Blast Furnace No.7. As a result of the undertaken research, it has been defined that the maximum content of СО and NОх in waste gases does not exceed 20 mg/nm3, which is less than the emission norms accepted in the Russian Federation and less than the most stringent European environmental requirements. 
Consequently, according to the obtained data, the stove unit at Blast Furnace No.7 of EVRAZ NTMK is one of the most ecologically clean in Russia and worldwide.
Operation of the new Blast Furnace No.7 equipped with Kalugin Shaftless Stoves was started in EVRAZ NTMK in April 2018. According to EVRAZ NTMK’s technical assignment, KALUGIN’s engineers developed all detail design drawings for the unit consisting of three KSS and provided supervision services during construction and commissioning. 
The stoves were constructed with the use of advanced checker bricks with 20 mm channel diameter, which made it possible to decrease dimensions of the new stoves and significantly reduce the quantity of refractory used, which entailed reduction in the final cost of the project. It should also be noted that according to the Customer’s technical assignment the hot blast temperature provided by BF No.7 Kalugin Shaftless Stoves is 1300°C, which is 50°С higher than the hot blast temperature provided by the stoves constructed earlier at BF No.5 and BF No.6.
According to Ms. Marina Kalugina, KALUGIN’s General Director, the unique environmental parameters of Kalugin Shaftless Stoves at Blast Furnace No.7 of EVRAZ NTMK became possible due to the improved program of main equipment operation and control that provided smooth (optimum) changeover of all equipment to different operating modes without peak jumps, additional fuel burning, etc. “The Customer gave us a task to develop an innovative project for construction of hot stoves at Blast Furnace No.7 with unique technical and environmental parameters in full compliance with the highest Russian and world environmental requirements. We were successful in solving all engineering problems. Moreover, no supplier of similar technology has been able for the moment to provide the same technical and environmental parameters of stove operation. Our company intends to improve its technology further, proving its leadership in production of the best stoves in the world”, said Ms. Kalugina.