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Kalugin JSC works in a very narrow field – it specializes in designing and installation of hot stoves for blast furnaces.  Ms. Marina Kalugina, General Director of KALUGIN JSC, talks about milestones in the company’s activities, about interesting projects which have been implemented this year.
Which results have been achieved by the company in 2015? 
For KALUGIN JSC the year 2015 was successful mainly because we managed to start a number of new projects in Russia. We signed a contract with Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MMK) for designing and construction of one Kalugin Shaftless Stove for Blast Furnace No.7. Despite the fact that the Works has already a positive experience in KSS operation at Blast Furnace No.1, signing of the new contract was preceded by long-time discussions. The customer was very careful in selecting a technology and analyzed all technical possibilities and stove parameters offered by the world leading manufacturers of this equipment. And yet again MMK decided in favour of our company’s technology. We look forward to a long-term cooperation given the fact that the Works is implementing a modernization program for the existing stoves. 
To what extent can installation of one KSS increase efficiency of blast furnace operation? 
It is obvious that furnace operation parameters significantly increase only after modernization of the entire stove unit which usually includes three or four stoves. In this case efficiency of blast furnace operation significantly increases due to а substantial increase in the blast temperature, which provides reduction in consumption of expensive coke. Eventually, the furnace production rate goes up and the iron production cost goes down. Moreover, you shouldn’t disregard a remarkable environmental effect – when our technology is used, CO2 emissions into the atmosphere are hundreds of times less against conventional stove designs. 
Will you develop a somehow special project for MMK?
Despite the fact that our widely approved and well reputable engineering design will be used for this project, it will have both unique features and novelties. For example, a new control system will be applied in the stove for MMK to provide better control of the production process. After construction of new KSS the system will allow us to integrate the entire stove unit in the common control circuit, provide efficiency and controllability of the blast furnace plant as a whole.  
What other projects is your company planning to implement at the Russian market in the near future?
We continue our cooperation with Severstal. We have fulfilled design engineering of the fourth and last stove at ‘Severyanka’ Blast Furnace No.5 which is the biggest blast furnace in Russia and we will perform supervision over its construction. In addition, in 2016 we are planning to start construction of a new stove unit for Blast Furnace No.6 of Novolipetsk Iron and Steel Works. 
Over the last years KALUGIN JSC has implemented a number of innovative projects in the area of waste heat recovery systems.
So far we have gained a wide experience in designing and implementation of waste heat recovery systems (WHRS) – plate heat exchangers, heat pipe pre-heaters and tube heat exchangers. We can say that WHRS installation, especially in blast-furnace production, is a very popular and efficient option enabling to reduce gas consumption for blast heating. The use of the systems makes it possible to significantly decrease the production cost of each iron output. Almost in every implemented project we manage to introduce the most advanced technical solutions for some of which we have already received author’s certificates. 
We have a wide experience in installing WHRS at foreign iron and steel works. Next year we will perform some works for Severstal in Cherepovets, we will replace the heat exchangers constructed by us in 2005 with new ones. It is important to note that the heat exchangers constructed by us have been in operation without failures and twice exceeded the guaranteed period of commercial operation. It is certainly a technological achievement for us. 
How are your foreign projects being executed?
In India we are finishing construction of one KSS unit in Toranagallu as per contract with JSW Steel Limited. We are also finishing construction of stove units in Brazil and China. This year we have signed our first contract for KSS designing and construction with a European company. Considering very tough requirements for reliability and environmental compatibility of metallurgical equipment, the fact that we have started working at the European market is our solid achievement.  
How does your company keep up to such a high level of equipment innovation and competitiveness?
The company has a team of high-ranked engineers who perform research and development and continuously improve technology. We succeeded in development of a unique method of heat engineering calculations which is used for designing of hot stoves and WHRS. Today no company in the world has similar calculation methods. Besides, over the last years we have significantly reduced metal consumption for our products, introduced new refractory materials designed for higher temperature and heat resistance, up-to-date valve equipment and automation control systems. This approach allows us to create stoves overcoming all the existing equivalents in the world by technical parameters. 
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