To high temperatures - with us!


KALUGIN JSC performs:
  • Scientific and science-technical developments;
  • Research works at laboratory units and simulators;
  • Mathematical and computer models, exact computer calculations giving good coincidence to the results of industrial researches;
  • Design engineering, basic & detailed engineering of hot blast stoves, turnkey construction;
  • Researches and setting-up works at existing industrial devices.
While supplying stoves of own engineering and design, the company provides the following services:
  • Technical supervision at the enterprises where construction and commissioning of the designed objects are carried out (see Photos 1 & 2): contract supervision, setting-up works, direct participation in the objects commissioning and achievement of guaranteed project parameters;
  • Technical inspection at the enterprises manufacturing equipment and refractories in the scope of supply of KALUGIN JSC
Photo 1 – Complex of the largest in China blast furnace No.1 of Jingtang Shougang United Iron and Steel Co. Ltd., Caofeidian, constructed and commissioned with the assistance of KALUGIN JSC Photo 2 – Construction of foundations of Kalugin hot stoves system at blast furnace №7 of Novolipetsk Iron and Steel Works (NLMK, Lipetsk, Russia); technical supervision of building is led by experts of KALUGIN JSC
Moreover, KALUGIN JSC is a supplier of processing equipment, products and materials that are manufactured based on the drawings and technical specifications developed by us, and are required mainly for the construction and commissioning of objects designed by us, but they can also be delivered to the Customer per individual request for realization of his new ideas and technical solutions.
Our company has modern equipment for researches and for performance of design and engineering works that allows making complex scientific and technical calculations by modern computer means and carrying out projects at the level meeting high requirements of customers.