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The world's first shaftless hot blast stove with dome combustion system, having an annular pre-chamber in the dome basis, is operated in blast furnace No.4 OAO NTMK (Nizhny Tagil, Russia), 1513 m³ useful volume since 1982. The experience of operating Kalugin shaftless hot blast stoves (KSS) has shown that the campaign life of these units between overhauls is at least 30 years. For this reason, many blast furnace experts in iron and steel companies of Russia and Ukraine, China, India and Japan, after having appreciated the advantages of this design, made a decision in favour of introducing Kalugin stoves.

Total number of KSS as of 01.10.2018

In operation - 218 KSS

In the process of construction and designing  - 36 KSS

Total - 254 KSS

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