To high temperatures - with us!


KALUGIN JSC carries out deliveries of processing equipment, products and materials that are manufactured based on the drawings and technical specifications developed by the company, and are required mainly for the construction and commissioning of objects designed by us, but they can be delivered to the Customer also per individual request for implementation of his new ideas and technical solutions.

Equipment delivery

1. Equipment of hot stoves system
Equipment of hot stoves (HS) system includes:
  • Processing equipment of hot stoves (hot and cold blast valves, cut-off valves, throttle and relief valves for fuel gas, combustion air and waste gas, atmospheric valves etc., expansion bellows, checker supporting grid);
  • Equipment of combustion air station (fans with electric drives, throttle and relief valves);
  • Electric equipment (electric drives, power supply, communication and signaling);
  • Automation equipment (program-technical complex, instrumentation);
  • Cooling system of HS system equipment;
  • In coordination with the Customer – equipment of gas and combustion air preheating systems made in the form of waste heat recovery systems on thermosiphons or tube exchangers (see item 5), or, for combustion air only, in the form of  "small KSS" (or CAPs) system for its high-temperature preheating (see item 6);
  • In coordination with the Customer – equipment of gas-mixing station (dividing and throttle valves for natural and blast furnace gas, mixed gas, sometimes – for coke gas);
  • In coordination with the Customer – equipment of backdraft stack (a hot blast valve);
  • Auxiliary equipment (piping, centralized grease system, starting burners, stands for repair of hot blast valves).
Hoisting equipment of hot stoves system, as a rule, is included into the Customer’s scope of supply.
In case of applying hydraulic valves as a part of the hot stoves system equipment, KALUGIN JSC is ready to deliver equipment of hydraulic station to the Customer.
2. Equipment of blast furnace proper
KALUGIN JSC, together with one of the leading institutes of the People's Republic of China on designing of iron and steel works, offer design and delivery of bell-less top (BLT) charging device of modern design with chute feeder and blower charging throttle valve.
The offered design was developed in PRC, and now there are more than 30 such devices installed and operated on blast furnaces of China
Besides, in coordination with the Customer, under the integrated contract on designing, delivery and technical inspection on the hot stoves system we can deliver equipment of bustle hot blast pipe (tuyere stocks with cooled elements, complete set of bustle pipe fastenings).
3. Equipment of dry cleaning system of blast furnace gas
Equipment of the second step of blast furnace gas cleaning system based on bag filters.
4. Equipment of pulverized coal injection system
Equipment of pulverized coal injection (PCI) system into the hearth of blast furnace (bunkers, roller mill, bag filter, drying gas generator, valve-feeders, injection tanks, systems of coal powder pseudo-fluidizing by nitrogen, of dividing and controlling the coal powder stream, instrumentation and automation systems).
5. Equipment of heat recovery systems
Equipment of waste gases heat recovery systems executed on preheaters with thermosiphons or on tube exchangers to preheat gas and combustion air supplied to hot stoves and other units (medium preheaters, dividing and throttle valves, etc.)
6. Equipment of systems for high-temperature preheating of combustion air
Equipment of systems for high-temperature air preheating made in the form of small KSS called CAPs (dividing and throttle valves for waste gas and combustion air, etc.)
Delivery of refractory products and materials
  • Lining of hot stoves proper (checker bricks, refractories of walls, dome and connecting pieces; their main materials are silica, fireclay, mullitecorundum, high-heat-resistant mullite-siliceous products for pre-chambers);
  • Lining of hot blast main (mullitecorundum, fireclay, and also low-creep products having high resistance against creep);
  • In coordination with the Customer – lining of bustle hot blast pipe (mullitecorundum, fireclay, low-creep products);
  • Lining of waste gas flue (fireclay);
  • Heat insulation of mixed gas pipeline and combustion air pipeline (fireclay, rockwool);
  • In coordination with the Customer – lining of backdraft stack (mullitecorundum, fireclay).
Delivery of steel structures
  • Shells of hot stoves;
  • Hot stoves building frame, platforms and stairs, supports of pipelines;
  • Shells of hot blast main, cold blast main, waste gas flue;
  • Pipelines of gas and combustion air;
  • Pipelines of systems of depression, blast dumping, nitrogen and blow-down pipelines, etc.;
  • Chimney structures;

Moreover, in coordination with the Customer:

Shell of bustle hot blast pipe;
Structures of gas and air preheaters;
Structures of combustion air station;
Structures of backdraft stack;
Structures of gas-mixing station.

Delivery of materials for constructing ferro-concrete foundations of designed buildings and constructions, as a rule, is included into the Customer's scope of supply.